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A new all-season mountain recreation resort Tsori will be built in the very south of Ingush land on the border with Georgia. It will be located in the Sunzhensky and Dzheyrakhsky districts, on the majestic mountain range Tsoreylam, east of River Assa.

This picturesque area preserved over 2,000 unique historical monuments, including the Orthodox ones that archaeologists refer to VII-XI centuries. One of the largest is a tower castle Tsori and its facilities on the mountain ridge. In addition, it is here, in the Tsori village, that a numerous Tsori Shahar – a clan, which later had to play a key role in the formation of single Ingush ethnics – has been formed.


That is why the new resort can become not only a centre of winter sports, attractive to athlete climbers for its mountain slopes, ridges and sharp mountain peaks, including peak Gurzhusa, that touches the clouds at an altitude of almost 3,000 meters above the sea level. Tsori benefits from sound potential for ethnic and historical tourism development, where each visitor of this region can experience the traditional way of life, religious beliefs and centuries-old customs of the Ingush people.


This unique natural area opens up various landscapes of breath-taking beauty, with the scarcely forested and gentle picturesque slopes naturally designed for winter skiing. The possibility to move freely from the southern slopes of the Tsoreylam ridge to the north, depending on the brightness of the sun on the tracks and the state of the snow covering the slopes, makes the future resort attractive for skiers and snowboarders – from beginners to advanced athletes.

Much attention at the Tsori resort will be given to ensuring a comfortable stay for people with limited mobility and special needs.

The future resort is located 90 km away from Magas airport, which is expected to revolutionize the increasing passenger traffic in the region. The road network modernization programme in the resort area is underway.

Source: «Northern Caucasus Resorts»