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Matlas resort will, first and foremost, become the centre of ethnic tourism, a unique natural museum for local history and archaeology enthusiasts.

There are over 150 local sights and the famous Arani fortress, built in 1867, here. The nearby village residents cherish the knowhow of their crafts and are famous throughout Russia for their jewellers, engravers and armours.

Besides, Matlas benefits from numerous balneological facilities: dozens of mountain mineral springs with healing water for kidney and gastrointestinal diseases.

Skiing fans will enjoy extended infrastructure, including pistes with sharp elevation difference and safe lifts. Non-stop all-year-round resort facilities are projected for the near future, thus allowing Matlas to offer its tourists the level of service, comparable to that of ValThorens (France) and Vail (U.S.) resorts.

Matlas is located just 180 km away from the international airport in Makhachkala, the capital of Dagestan. A small airdrome to service regional and private flights on a regular basis is built 10 km away from the resort.

Source: «Northern Caucasus Resorts»