According to the Russian Federal Statistics Service, as of the end of 2010, the share of industry in the GRP is 6.9%.


Manufacturing represents 2.2% of the GRP and includes metallurgical production, production of oil products, non-metallic mineral products, finished metal products, machinery and equipment, food and beverages.


Mineral production represents 2.2% of the GRP and includes oil, gas, limestone, shale, marl, and dolomite.


* According to Rosstat data

Production and distribution of electric power, gas, and water represents 2.5% of the GRP and is performed by the power complex that includes thermal power stations and combined heat and power plants. Gas infrastructure of the republic is fully developed mainly due to the fact that 95% of the population live one hour away, and 80% live at a half an hour distance from the capital.


Manufacture of main products (according to the structure of industrial production)

Indicator January – November 2012
Extracted oil*
Non-metallic construction materials*
Bread and baked goods, tons
1 213,00
Confectionery, tons
Residual fuel oil*
Wooden desks, pieces
1 622,00
Chairs, pieces
3 325,00
Wooden cabinets, pieces

* Data are not published to guarantee the confidentiality of the primary statistical data received from organizations under Federal Law No.282-FZ "On Official Statistical Accounting and State Statistics System in the Russian Federation" of 29.11.07 (Article 4, item 5; Article 9, item 1)