Industry share in the structure of the gross regional product of the republic is 22.3% (Rosstat 2010).


Manufacturing sector (13.0% of the gross regional product) is represented by ferrous and non-ferrous metallurgy, chemical and petrochemical industry, mechanical engineering, construction materials producing industry, automobile industry, pulp and paper industry, timber and woodworking industry, light, pharmaceutical, and food industries.


Mining (1.7% of the gross regional product) is based on the explored deposits of tungsten, copper-sulphide ores, cement raw materials, coal, various facing stones, limestone for sugar industry, fireclay, feldspar raw stock, basalt for mineral fiber production, gypsum and nonmetallic feed for production of various construction materials.


* According to Rosstat data

Power, gas and water production and distribution (7.6% of the gross regional product) is based on the energy sector represented by thermal power stations and combined heat and power plants. Gasification rate in the republic is 88.5%, including 73.5% of natural gas gasification and 15.1% of liquid gas gasification.


Manufacture of main products (according to the structure of industrial production)

Indicator January – November 2012
Untreated wood, thousand cubic meters of dense timber
Nonmetallic construction materials, thousand cubic meters
Slaughter bearings meat and edible by-products, thousand tons
Sausage products, including staffed sausages, tons
Whole-milk products (milk basis), thousand tons
Butter, tons
1 366,00
Cheese and cheese products, tons
Confectionery, tons
Nondurable bakery products, tons
3 723,00
Unsweetened and non-flavoured carbonated and mineral waters, mil. half-liters
1 005,00
Knitwear, thousand pcs
Polymer-based paints and varnishes, tons
Polymer windows, window frames, and window sills, thousand square meters
Hot and warm mix asphalt concrete, for roads and airfields, and asphalt concrete, tons
75 918,00
Cabinets, wardrobes, cupboards and closets (for kitchen, bedroom, dining-room and living-room), pcs
4 418,00