Share of industry in GRP of the republic is 15.7% (Rosstat 2010).


Manufacturing (11.2% of GRP) is represented by such industries as: machine building, construction materials, pharmaceuticals and biotechnology, oil and gas, consumer goods, food.


Mining operations (0.1% of GRP) are not so essential in the industry of the region.


* According to Rosstat data

Production and supply of electricity, gas and water (4.4% of GRP) are provided based on energy facilities comprised of thermal electric power plants and cogeneration plants. Gasification level is 98%. In December 2011, a gas-pipe 2.2 km long was constructed. The first stage of the gas-pipe over 2 km long was completed in the village of Chegem II. It was financed from the federal budget and cost 6.9 million rubles.

Manufacture of main products (according to the structure of industrial production)

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