Share of industry in the gross regional product is 6.1% (Rosstat 2010).


Manufacturing (4.0% of GRP) is represented by manufacture of chemicals; manufacture of leather and leather goods; manufacture of footwear; printing and publishing; manufacture of coke, refined petroleum products; manufacture of rubber and plastic products; manufacture of basic metals; manufacture of machinery and equipment; manufacture of transport vehicles and equipment; manufacture of food products, including beverages and tobacco.


Mining and quarrying (0.5% of GRP) is carried out at proven fields of oil, gas, copper pyrite ores, zinc pyrite ores, raw materials for construction industry (rocks, quartz and glass-making sand, sand and gravel mixes, clays).


* According to Rosstat data

Production and supply of electricity, gas and water (1.6% of GRP) in Dagestan are provided based on energy facilities comprised of thermal electric power plants and cogeneration plants. Gasification level in Dagestan is 84.8% with 99.8% in urban areas and 68.7% in rural areas. The Russian Regions Gasification Program for the North Caucasus Republics covers 124 entities in Dagestan. By 2012 it was planned to commission 25 facilities and to continue laying the gas pipeline of more than 500 km long.


Manufacture of main products (according to the structure of industrial production)

Indicator January – November 2012
Produced oil, including gas condensate, th. tons
Natural and associated gas, mil. m3 Aggregates, th. m3
Aggregates, th. m3
3 189,00
Whole-milk products (in milk equivalent), th. tons
Canned fruits and vegetables, mln. cans
Bread and bakery products, other, tons
Confectionery products, th. tons
Cognac, th. dL
1 400,00
Sparkling and carbonated wines, th. dL
2 043,00
Unsweetened and non-flavoured carbonated and mineral waters, mil. half-liters
Centrifugal pumps for liquids; other pumps; other liquid elevators *
Folk artistic craftwork items, mil. RUR
Jewellery and their parts, mil. RUR
Electricity, bil. kWh

* Data are not published to guarantee the confidentiality of the primary statistical data received from organizations under Federal Law No.282-FZ "On Official Statistical Accounting and State Statistics System in the Russian Federation" of 29.11.07 (Article 4, item 5; Article 9, item 1)