Share of industry in the gross regional product of the Republic is 5.7% (Rosstat 2010).


Manufacturing (2.0% of GRP) is represented by manufacture of refined petroleum products; manufacture of non-metallic mineral products; manufacture of machinery and equipment; manufacture of food products, including beverages.


Mining and quarrying (2.7% of GRP) is carried out at proven fields of oil, gas, construction materials, and mineral water springs.


* According to Rosstat data

Production and supply of electricity, gas and water (1.0% of GRP) are provided based on energy facilities comprised of thermal electric power plants and cogeneration plants. Gasification level of the Republic is 86%. Extensive gasification efforts are taken in rural areas: in Achkhoi-Martan, Shatoi, Nozhai-Yurt, and Vedeno districts. Total length of outdoor gas distribution pipelines is 8,025 km, including 1,097 km of underground gas pipelines.


Manufacture of main products (according to the structure of industrial production)

Indicator January – November 2012
Natural and associated gas*
Natural sands, th. m3
Road, aerodrome asphalt concrete mixtures and asphalt concrete (hot and warm), tons
34 737,00
Tractor trailers and semitrailers*
Road vehicles powered by spark ignition engines with cylinder capacity exceeding 1,500 cm2, new
Bakery products of short-term storage, tons
7 053,00
Thermal power, th. Gcal

* Data are not published to guarantee the confidentiality of the primary statistical data received from organizations under Federal Law No.282-FZ "On Official Statistical Accounting and State Statistics System in the Russian Federation" of 29.11.07 (Article 4, item 5; Article 9, item 1)