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Chereksky, Chegemsky and Elbrussky Districts of the Republic of Kabardino-Balkaria present a Mecca for lovers of mountain tourism from every corner of the globe. Elbrus – the highest mountain in Russia and Europe with the height of 5,642 meters – rises proudly here, in the north of the watershed crest of the Greater Caucasus Mountain Range. Its two peaks are separated by a huge saddle and tower nearly 3 km apart from each other. They are among not only the greatest peaks of the planet, but also the largest lost volcanoes, though many seismologists believe the great mountain is just asleep...

Due to its unique topography, this ecologically clean region has great capacity for mass ski tourism development. Runs for experienced skiers and beginners will be constructed here and equipped with snow-making facilities and safe lifts. Mount Elbrus glaciers will appeal to climbers and balneology fans will appreciate the healing power of the natural glacial melt water. Mineral springs of vicinities of Mount Elbrus are rich in natural glacial melt water.

The region is valuable for sightseeing and eco-tourism: you can admire the fantastic beauty of the surrounding nature, and in cloudless weather you can see not only Nalchik that lies at its foot but also Vladikavkaz, Grozny and even Pyatigorsk from the top of the mountain where the air is crystal clear and transparent.

An additional advantage is the resort accessibility: it is 160 km away from Mineralnye Vody international airport and 70 km from the regional airport in Nalchik, the capital of Kabardino-Balkaria.

Source: «Northern Caucasus Resorts»