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Due to its unique geographical location, Dagestan is the real wealth of Russia.

Protected from the south by mountains and foothills of the Greater Caucasus, Dagestan land is washed by the Caspian Sea in the east. This is the world largest closed lake spilled evenly between Europe and Asia on the area of ​more than 372 thousand The coastal line of Dagestan stretches along 530 km, mostly passing through wide sandy beaches formed by the retreating and advancing Caspian Sea. The most famous of them are Makhachkala (80 km), Samur (42 km), Manas (48 km) and Kayakentsky (40 km).

At the narrow passage between the Caspian and Caucasus foothills there is Derbent — the southernmost and the oldest city in the Russian Federation, the cultural centre of Dagestan, a dissemination centre of arts, crafts and writing. The Arabs called it Bab al-Abvab, Gate of the Gate, stressing the strategic importance of the city, which joins the East and the West, the North and the South.

Today the Caspian Dagestan hospitably opens its doors to the world. The destination cluster project in the region will allow the guests of the republic to get acquainted with traditional Caucasian hospitality, appreciate the high skill of local craftsmen and improve their health.


The water and air temperatures and sunshine season duration of Dagestan summers are comparable to the Black Sea coast of the Caucasus. The relative humidity is much lower, so the conditions for recreational vacation in Dagestan are more comfortable. The Republic also has many sources of natural mineral springs and muds of various chemical and gas composition.

There is also the Samur tertiary liana forest where 14 types of tertiary relict plants grow. It is a unique to the local latitude phenomenon – one of the most northern liana forests in the world.

Caspian coastal cluster will be built close to the largest cities in Dagestan — Makhachkala, Derbent, Kayakent to ensure the accessibility to tourists. A railroad and several highways pass near the territory of the future resort. The nearest Uytash airport is only 15 km away.

Source: «Northern Caucasus Resorts»